A Word From Founder, Steve Sam



Hi Friends,

Back in 2004, God gave me a vision, that has never stopped growing since then. Over the years, we have managed to build ourselves a solid reputation and have become a household name in our industry. We've had the chance to travel, sing & minister all across the United States & the world. 

This outreach is completely due to God's grace and favor. We can only hope that we as ministers and vocalists have played a small part in this process. We have seen audiences large & small, tour buses come and go.. or not go at all.. ha! We have had success, and- failure- but through it all God has always been faithful.

Myself, Our pastoral partners & our vocalists, make the commitment, day after day, to offer  high quality services that meet the level of your expectations not only in quality of voice, but more importantly- quality of message.

I thank you for the trust you place in us!

Steve Sam
Praise Inc, Founder

~Incorporating Jesus Christ In All We do~

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